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Frequently Asked Questions

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Warm Touch Home Care only send highly-skilled fully-screened and insured staff your way. You can be rest assured that our nurses, therapists, home health aide, and others are very professional in their mannerism, highly trained, trustworthy and reliable.


Emerging technologies and their application in healthcare continues to gain attention and enabling improved patient outcome. At Warm Touch Home Care, we employ technologies that that will keep you connected with your care and care-team. We are always available to respond to your communication, and prepared for an ongoing adaptation to use of newer technologies in meeting your care needs at home.


No need to worry, we offer both short-term or long-term home care services. Our administrative staff will always be in touch with you to communicate around your case management topics, and make plans around your anticipated duration of care.


Here are some things you may want to consider:
  • How willing is this agency to take care of my exact needs?
  • Is this agency licensed, insured and bonded
  • Is everyone working for this agency an employee
  • Are the agency’s home health aides fully certified
  • Does this agency conduct proper vetting and background checks of employees
  • Does this agency train staff in an on-going basis


"Non-medical" in home care typically refers to companion and personal care activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, as well as assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping, and running errands. It could also include medication reminders, assistance with ambulation, and transportation to medical appointments. These types of services are typically provided by Home Health Aides (HHAs) or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and can be arranged for anywhere from a few hours to 24-hours a day. "Unskilled" or "Non-medical" care is often sought by the elderly, new and expectant parents, individuals with disabilities, and those transitioning from a hospital or medical facility to home.


"Skilled" medical home health care follows a specific plan of care under the supervision of a Physician, Nurse (RN/LPN/LVN), or Therapist, and involves home healthcare services such as nursing care, physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies, as well as social services. Skilled medical care in the home can help provide a comforting solution to residing in a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living community.


Yes and No. If your needs are non-medical in nature, you do not need pre-authorization, pre-qualification, certification or even a prescription for services. You choose the services you want, when to start those services and how often those services are used. Call us now for more information.


All nurses and therapists who visit your home go through a rigorous interview and screening process, as well as a background checks and license verification. Our caregivers are regularly supervised and evaluated to insure that you or your loved one is receiving the care and attention they deserve.


Yes. We do our very best to match the right care provider to you and your family. We are committed to your satisfaction and will always try to accommodate any requests you may have.


All of our caregivers are screened, trained and matched to assure that only the best care providers are caring for you. With your comfort in mind, should your family want to request another care provider for any reason, we'll search for a match until your expectations are met.


Yes. Each one of our trained caregivers is carefully screened to ensure the patient's safety and security. We perform in-depth personal interviews, verify applicant's prior education, licensure, training and experience and conduct criminal background checks. We recognize the trust you place in us to provide exceptional care, and are proud of the level of skill, commitment, compassion and kindness exhibited by our team on a daily basis.


Every family receives a custom care plan specific to their needs and budget. Depending on the services being provided, Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance will cover the costs. Several factors help determine the exact cost:

  • Number of hours of care required per week
  • Level of services received (non-medical, skilled nursing, etc.)
  • Area where services are provided (home, assisted living facility, etc.)

Our non-medical home care services are typically billed hourly. To discuss the exact cost for the services you may need, call us today. We'll set up an in-home consultation to begin discussing a custom care plan and any service fees for each service on your plan.


Yes. Most home health care (skilled) services are covered, but most non-medical services are not. Contact us today and we will provide you with details based on your specific needs.


Click here to submit an online request to Warm Touch Home Care, or contact us at (571) 299-4202. We will come to your home to complete an assessment, and our clinical team will discuss a plan of care with your primary physician.


Yes. We can provide services up to 24 hours a day and there is always a local on-call manager who can answer your questions and address any concerns after hours. The on-call manager also provides around-the-clock clinical support for your healthcare team while they are providing care in the home.


The first step is to call or email, and we can begin learning about your needs, preferences and priorities. Then we can meet with you, at a location of your choice, to further assess and define client and family needs and preferences at no charge. Contact us at your own convenience, and we will arrange for an experienced, qualified, highly compatible caregiver immediately.


Yes. We will meet with you and your family in your home or at a hospital/skilled nursing facility to identify, assess, and discuss your needs and preferences. This is an important foundation to helps us identify the skills required and aspects that you would highly value in a caregiver. This information enables us to provide you with a caregiver that is highly compatible with you and your family.


If a person has one or more of the following descriptions: Forgets to take medication, over/under dosing of medications, anxiety and restlessness, families who live out of town / far away,lost driving privileges, one or more falls, trips, or slips, one or more visits to the ER, unpaid bills and home not managed well, and victim of financial elder abuse.


Anyone who needs assistance with any of the following: Physical disabilities, Alzheimer's, dementia, memory impairment, elderly who are at risk of falls and other causes of injury, strokes, cancers, surgical recovery, hospice care, Parkinson's, chronic conditions, isolated seniors, children with disabilities,and new mothers.


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